I feel like that

A farmer waiting for the rain with half of his crops taken away by the sun and half he gave to hope, what’s left with him? Nothing, I feel like that.
A plant wondering where it went wrong for its fruits are not sweet, I feel like that.
A clock which just keeps ticking not knowing what time it is and how long it will take to be, I feel like that.

Let it be

Let it be the way it is
Let the sun shine perpetually
and the moon play hide and seek.
Let it rain in the summers
and snow in the winters
Who am I to change the course of nature?
Who am I?
Let her go when she wants to
Who am I to make her stay?
Who am I?

Yesterday it was raining
and today it is not
and I am alive.

Yesterday she was with me
and today she is not
and I think I’ll live through it