To the sky

These are the days I have always waited for
My failures are celebrated as my victories
I can’t help myself but laugh at life and God
for all the silly things they do to me
God never helps
We just stop asking!
I’m learning to be wrong
because you proved me I was wrong
in believing certain things
by things I mean only love
How beautiful is to say
“I love you” from the bottom of your heart
Since you’ve left
my heart has bottomed out.
Thank you for the words
I’ve been clueless all this time.

Sure marriages are made in heaven, but from where she came I still don’t know

and here she comes
my beautiful bride in white
walking down the aisle
making angels jealous
for I have taken
their precious prize.

Grace is her name
Grace is her essence.

She came to me when
I was lost in the complexities of life
and made me more complex than the complexities of life.

She came to me when
I was trying to understand myself
and made me love the darkness in my life.

I don’t know if I deserve her
but she says I am
and I believe her.

This poem I’ll leave incomplete
for some stories are without any end.

Let it be

Let it be the way it is
Let the sun shine perpetually
and the moon play hide and seek.
Let it rain in the summers
and snow in the winters
Who am I to change the course of nature?
Who am I?
Let her go when she wants to
Who am I to make her stay?
Who am I?

Yesterday it was raining
and today it is not
and I am alive.

Yesterday she was with me
and today she is not
and I think I’ll live through it

An Observer

“In my sight people are of three kinds: one curses life; one blesses it; one observes it.”~ Kahlil Gibran

I used to curse life for my pain and afflictions then came a woman in my life and I started blessing it. She gave me a reason to smile, a reason to live. I observed her; how she dances in the rain and in her pain. I observed her for observing her made me understand life deeply. I observed her footsteps on the sand and I walked on her footsteps and became what I am today.
But one day she was gone, I couldn’t see her footsteps anymore and then I realized that there is another kind of people: one who lives life.
From that day I started living my life with my song, my canvas, my poems, and myself.