I took the road less taken
wild and full of mystery.
I didn’t hear any voice
except for my own heartbeat.
I didn’t know where this path was leading me
or I was inching closer to death.
I walked fearlessly with the hope
that he is watching over me
Which he always does.

I know how I’ll die
One day he will stop supporting me
in the risks I take and then it will happen.
I kept walking on this trail for an hour
and then I heard the sound of cars
I was found
and I got tired.
I love being lost.



I am passionately curious about you

I stumble when you smile
I stumble when I look into your eyes
You hold the whole universe inside you
You are reason the sky is blue
You are the depth of the ocean
You are the light inside a cavern
Describing your beauty isn’t an easy task
But I have borrowed some words from the glow in the dark.
This poem is not just a rhyme
It is your love for you are divine.

Doomed in love

The sun, the moon, and the stars they all remind me of you.
The morning breeze, the gentle rain, and the thunderstorms..you are everywhere.
My strengths, my weaknesses, and my fate…they all are filled with your essence.
The blood in my veins, the thoughts in my brain, the coal of this train..you control them.
In my actions, in my essence, and in my poems…you’ll live forever.

Let it be

Let it be the way it is
Let the sun shine perpetually
and the moon play hide and seek.
Let it rain in the summers
and snow in the winters
Who am I to change the course of nature?
Who am I?
Let her go when she wants to
Who am I to make her stay?
Who am I?

Yesterday it was raining
and today it is not
and I am alive.

Yesterday she was with me
and today she is not
and I think I’ll live through it