Your Birthday

Last few days or I must say months

have been hard for me and

I think I’m making them hard for you too

with my whimsical moods.

Honestly, I feel unloved and ignored

most of the times, but it is not

your fault as my heart has been

very needy or greedy these days.

But I never stopped loving you

It is easy to fall for you than

to build a wall against you.

One day, I came to know that

Rumi wrote 10,000 poems for his beloved.

The only figure that came to my mind was 10 million.

Without you, I’m shallow

like this poem, no rhyme

no rhythm, just simple living.
I could write sad poems

But no, today is not a sad day.

It’s s day brimming with joy

If it’s not, I’ll steal everything from the sky

Just for you.

Your birthday comes on the last day

of August, bringing a change in the nature.

Just like you brought in my life.

You are an ocean

I want to be drowned in.

Knowing your heart is not easy

for it requires breaking my heart 

a million times.

Do you think I can endure it?

 I don’t know much about life

this world and love

but I know one thing

that you’re beautiful

and you always will be.

P.S I think it’s time to use the past tense since you are no longer in my future.

I am passionately curious about you

I stumble when you smile
I stumble when I look into your eyes
You hold the whole universe inside you
You are reason the sky is blue
You are the depth of the ocean
You are the light inside a cavern
Describing your beauty isn’t an easy task
But I have borrowed some words from the glow in the dark.
This poem is not just a rhyme
It is your love for you are divine.

Let it be

Let it be the way it is
Let the sun shine perpetually
and the moon play hide and seek.
Let it rain in the summers
and snow in the winters
Who am I to change the course of nature?
Who am I?
Let her go when she wants to
Who am I to make her stay?
Who am I?

Yesterday it was raining
and today it is not
and I am alive.

Yesterday she was with me
and today she is not
and I think I’ll live through it


We run for success, we run for fame
We find happiness in broken chains
Someone’s loss is someone’s gain.

We honour the dead and forget the living
and pledge our life to unconditional giving.

Running the rat race pushing others behind
To meet the ideal self in imaginary mind.

Murder weapons
Hungry souls
Killer words

Emotions and thinking
Eyes blinking
Our voyages keep sinking.

Stillness of moon generates waves
and stillness of soul, toxic waters?

Who loves the sun
Yet we seek its courage
Water is humble
What about the floods?
Air is ecstatic
are storms too?

Too much passion kills
“There is no safety in standing still”
Yet lotus grows there.

A Beautiful Night

People will call me crazy knowing that I am in love with a star since past one and a half year, but I don’t care, I am a lover, I always am, and I always will be. Every night I look up in the sky to find her and when I see her, I am elated. Maybe she looks back at me and loves me too. I don’t know.
I also have a never ending affair with the moon and when I see her with my star I call it a beautiful night. I don’t get to see them together everyday, the Universe conspires against them, but somehow they manage to come close.


I still want to shine like the sun

I stare at the sun
with a tear and a smile
soon it will be hated
for its warmth
for shining love on earth
forever and forever
This is what happens to us
When we love too much and
bare our light.

I remember
how much moon is loved
for shining erratically.

But, I still want to shine like the sun


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