The Numbers Game.

This day

a year ago

a story ended.

She chose her 7 years old lover

I was short just by one.

See how important are numbers!!

Don’t fool yourself by believing 

Numbers don’t matter!

Money matters!

Status matters!

We live in a materialistic world

so it would be better if we stopped being a mystic!!

Sure marriages are made in heaven, but from where she came I still don’t know

and here she comes
my beautiful bride in white
walking down the aisle
making angels jealous
for I have taken
their precious prize.

Grace is her name
Grace is her essence.

She came to me when
I was lost in the complexities of life
and made me more complex than the complexities of life.

She came to me when
I was trying to understand myself
and made me love the darkness in my life.

I don’t know if I deserve her
but she says I am
and I believe her.

This poem I’ll leave incomplete
for some stories are without any end.

Your Grace

I have to admit
You are a beautiful soul indeed.
I wonder if anyone else
Is there in your breed.

You carry your essence
Wherever you go.
I don’t what is falling on me
Is it love or is it snow?

You have your purpose
You have your own life.
I am waiting for the day
I’ll call you my wife.

You treat everyone so kindly
And you treat me even more kind.
Sometimes my eyes get murky
And I go blind.

Because of you
I have Realized
I have a purpose too
Now I respect myself
My needs, and

I would love to please you, and
Give what you deserve.
I know the path is tortuous
with thousand twisting curves.

Today is my birthday, and
Today you were born
A part of me is you
And seeds you have sown.

I have learned love from you
And I have also learned to hate
I am asking you out
Would you be my date?

You are an alchemist
The world needs you more.
I always feel like
I have met you before.

Do what you want to
You don’t have to explain.
I understand you completely
I have nothing to complain.

I kneel before you
And salute for what you are.
I love your imperfections,
Your beauty
And your scars.

You have got me forever
And forever ever more
I am walking with you
Even my feet are sore.

I set you free from shoulds
I set you free from whys
For lovers like us
There are no goodbyes.

I am broken by your tenderness
By your love and your words.
This world can be won
With love, but not with swords.

I don’t know how to end this
For we are without end.
The pages are all full
And empty is the pen.