This is my defense 

and I don’t mean any offense

when you don’t treat me right

I’ll disappear from your sight.

Why treat someone’s ignorance

with your priority? 

The reaction is endothermic 

and it’s already cold

Baby, don’t worry about me

for kindness is gold.

As we usher into the year

remember one thing: 

Whatever you’ll do to me

will act as a catalyst

for my transformation.

The Light of Love

Life is beyond hate, jealousy
judgement, and competition.
Life is in kindness, in forgiveness
in surrendering and in love.
How beautiful the world is
from the eyes of love.
Behold, Aye Perplexed Soul
I am love
You are love
Jesus is love
Shiva is love
Muhammad is love
Love will grind you to whiteness
Love will bring down to your knee
and then you will emit light
just like an electron emits light
when it returns to its ground state.


Photo Credit :- http://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?large=1&image=11614

Your Grace

I have to admit
You are a beautiful soul indeed.
I wonder if anyone else
Is there in your breed.

You carry your essence
Wherever you go.
I don’t what is falling on me
Is it love or is it snow?

You have your purpose
You have your own life.
I am waiting for the day
I’ll call you my wife.

You treat everyone so kindly
And you treat me even more kind.
Sometimes my eyes get murky
And I go blind.

Because of you
I have Realized
I have a purpose too
Now I respect myself
My needs, and

I would love to please you, and
Give what you deserve.
I know the path is tortuous
with thousand twisting curves.

Today is my birthday, and
Today you were born
A part of me is you
And seeds you have sown.

I have learned love from you
And I have also learned to hate
I am asking you out
Would you be my date?

You are an alchemist
The world needs you more.
I always feel like
I have met you before.

Do what you want to
You don’t have to explain.
I understand you completely
I have nothing to complain.

I kneel before you
And salute for what you are.
I love your imperfections,
Your beauty
And your scars.

You have got me forever
And forever ever more
I am walking with you
Even my feet are sore.

I set you free from shoulds
I set you free from whys
For lovers like us
There are no goodbyes.

I am broken by your tenderness
By your love and your words.
This world can be won
With love, but not with swords.

I don’t know how to end this
For we are without end.
The pages are all full
And empty is the pen.