We run for success, we run for fame
We find happiness in broken chains
Someone’s loss is someone’s gain.

We honour the dead and forget the living
and pledge our life to unconditional giving.

Running the rat race pushing others behind
To meet the ideal self in imaginary mind.

Murder weapons
Hungry souls
Killer words

Emotions and thinking
Eyes blinking
Our voyages keep sinking.

Stillness of moon generates waves
and stillness of soul, toxic waters?

Who loves the sun
Yet we seek its courage
Water is humble
What about the floods?
Air is ecstatic
are storms too?

Too much passion kills
“There is no safety in standing still”
Yet lotus grows there.

I am proud

I am proud
to be a sensitive person
someone who tries his best
to understand others
Someone who accepts others
as they are
someone who value people
more than himself
Someone who is there for others
when they need him
Someone who can adjust himself
to make others comfortable

I may sound selfish by
revealing this, but I am not.
Please do not judge me.