Yesterday you were my poetry

and today you’re a forgotten poem.

Death didn’t tear us apart

but your decision did

and our forever didn’t last long.

I’ve waited so long for you

that my eyes don’t want to see you anymore.

You taught me how to love and how not to care.

Fifty eight minus one doesn’t make any difference

and I’m the one.

Well, Happy Bday 

and thanks for being my ex and my biggest failure of life.

I don’t want to be a hero

For my next destination I decided to catch a bus at 4 a.m and woke up at 3 a.m. I decided to walk few miles alone in the mountain, suddenly I recalled my brother telling me that this area is famous for cats, not the cats we keep as pet at home but the one who will devour you mercilessly. There was no going back, all I was looking for was a sign, a sign of life, another human being or any being except that cat. To be honest I didn’t even know the way to my bus stop and I kept walking. I, then, got detoured and found a sign of life, I saw few cows sitting there and I was relaxed seeing them alive but it was not where I should be and I had to go back and find my way again. I was scared and I realized that I WANT TO LIVE, yes, I’ve been wanting to die but not this time, this made me smile. When I saw people at some distance, my ego was thinking of how I would have acted upon facing the cat(s) and my conscious mind was like “Shut up, I don’t want to be a hero.”


I feel like that

A farmer waiting for the rain with half of his crops taken away by the sun and half he gave to hope, what’s left with him? Nothing, I feel like that.
A plant wondering where it went wrong for its fruits are not sweet, I feel like that.
A clock which just keeps ticking not knowing what time it is and how long it will take to be, I feel like that.

To the sky

These are the days I have always waited for
My failures are celebrated as my victories
I can’t help myself but laugh at life and God
for all the silly things they do to me
God never helps
We just stop asking!
I’m learning to be wrong
because you proved me I was wrong
in believing certain things
by things I mean only love
How beautiful is to say
“I love you” from the bottom of your heart
Since you’ve left
my heart has bottomed out.
Thank you for the words
I’ve been clueless all this time.


I took the road less taken
wild and full of mystery.
I didn’t hear any voice
except for my own heartbeat.
I didn’t know where this path was leading me
or I was inching closer to death.
I walked fearlessly with the hope
that he is watching over me
Which he always does.

I know how I’ll die
One day he will stop supporting me
in the risks I take and then it will happen.
I kept walking on this trail for an hour
and then I heard the sound of cars
I was found
and I got tired.
I love being lost.



Sure marriages are made in heaven, but from where she came I still don’t know

and here she comes
my beautiful bride in white
walking down the aisle
making angels jealous
for I have taken
their precious prize.

Grace is her name
Grace is her essence.

She came to me when
I was lost in the complexities of life
and made me more complex than the complexities of life.

She came to me when
I was trying to understand myself
and made me love the darkness in my life.

I don’t know if I deserve her
but she says I am
and I believe her.

This poem I’ll leave incomplete
for some stories are without any end.

I am passionately curious about you

I stumble when you smile
I stumble when I look into your eyes
You hold the whole universe inside you
You are reason the sky is blue
You are the depth of the ocean
You are the light inside a cavern
Describing your beauty isn’t an easy task
But I have borrowed some words from the glow in the dark.
This poem is not just a rhyme
It is your love for you are divine.