The wall you build sometimes

The wall you build sometimes

to keep people away

to not feel anything.

I stand on the other side

wondering if it is just for me?

I wait for it to disappear

but it only gets taller.

I wait there

with sweat and tears as my companion,

they nurture my soul like water does to the roots of a tree

and I wait with a hope that one day

I’ll grow taller than your wall.

Feelings are delicate and our only way to connect

My feelings and my instincts are not wrong, they exist because they can sense the change. It is not good to undervalue my feelings or feel bad for what I feel, they are a part of me and I should own them.

However, I don’t have any right to impose or force my feelings on others. You exist for your own purpose and I exist for my own purpose, if we are together in this journey it is a blessing, if we are not I won’t complain and will accept it as a blessing too with a smile on my face.

Thank you


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Hope has a place in the lover’s heart

Keep knocking the door of beloved
you’ll feel humilated
don’t pay attention
Keep knocking
this is your ego
trying to create
a wall
Beloved and God
don’t stop
Keep knocking
maybe the door will never open
keep knocking
Hope has a place in the lover’s heart.

Enya – Hope Has a Place (To all the people who ha…: