I took the road less taken
wild and full of mystery.
I didn’t hear any voice
except for my own heartbeat.
I didn’t know where this path was leading me
or I was inching closer to death.
I walked fearlessly with the hope
that he is watching over me
Which he always does.

I know how I’ll die
One day he will stop supporting me
in the risks I take and then it will happen.
I kept walking on this trail for an hour
and then I heard the sound of cars
I was found
and I got tired.
I love being lost.



In a tea shop

Pines, oaks I don’t know which trees these are.
They are no yet covered in snow
A small village, uphill, full of hippies
and tourists arriving in big cars
I sit in a tea shop
Meditation center is closed
due to winters
Yet the doors are open
“Please maintain silence”
“Be gentle”
is written everywhere
They are not scared of their goods getting stolen
Back in my city, you can’t keep the doors open
as every beggar looks innocent.

I don’t like this tea
Well, I don’t like anything
including my face
and my height
I hate not being tall
the concerned person knows why!!
Tears rush in
I cannot hide them
My eyes tell all my secrets
and my sins
which I didn’t commit yet.

People are enquiring about nearby places of attraction
the shop owner tells them and
I listen to them
because I can listen
I’m wearing my hearing aids
I bought them for $2000
They created a big hole in my pocket
No, my family doesn’t know
that I wear hearing aids.
I want to find a cure for hearing loss
I’m a Ph.D student
I take 20 pills a day to see
if they can treat hearing loss
From loss, I recall
How many times I’ve lost her
I think this is the last time
I’m really letting her go
But I don’t know
I’m addicted to her
Weed and alcohol are not my things
Love is!
I mean she is!!
I don’t want to cry
in front of so many people
I’m not weak
but weak hearted.

I can feel the words people are speaking
Not feeling as in soothing or something
but for the absence or presence of friction
the position of tounge and lips.

I’m weird
See, I’m sitting here alone
but I don’t hate it
I love being alone because
I don’t have to explain myself to anyone
But, there is a drawback
there is no one to help me when I need it
It helps in being independent.
I have only one friend in my city
he doesn’t understand me, but listens to my shit.
There is a beautiful girl in my department
We became friends quickly
She is caring and always check on my feelings
She is a virgo and has a boyfriend
But I’m scared
I broke one marriage due to my friendship
I tell her to stay away from me
But she doesn’t listen to me.

My favorite song is being played somewhere
“Two hearts are meeting”
I’m a very romantic person
and a sadist too!!
They don’t connect!!
I’m an emotional mess
the one who always live in his/her mind.

I remember
she said “I love you” to me
and I replied back “I love you too”
Good memories of our time together.

They say it will snow in 2 to 3 days
Shall I wait for the snow in this tea shop?
Tourists think I’m a local
because I easily blend with people
Last night I made a new friend
He was a Police officer doing his duty
I wished him Merry Xmas
He was happy
and then I asked him
If anyone has wished him earlier
He said “No”
No one cared to wish him
they only wanted him to protect them.
You see, why I stay away from people?
They’re too self-indulgent
I’m not judging anyone
This is a truth
and truth bespeaks itself
It doesn’t need me!!
No one needs me!!

I have a serious hairfall issue
It could be due to high testo levels
which I have taken it the gym
Now, I’ve acne on my both arms
They look ugly
Sometimes, I get them on my face too.
It is getting cold here!!

When I was a kid
I had a beautiful voice
but I don’t speak much now
I have two voices
one with and one without HAs
They are completely different
You would think if you are talking to two different persons.

I took the shorter path back to my hotel
I met an old lady
and asked her for directions
She was polite
I think it is beautiful
to have conversations with people
not speaking my language
as it involves an eye contact.
I should use a word other than “beautiful”
It is not a word but an excuse
to be less knowledgeable
I open Merriram webster dictionary
and liked “aesthetic”, “lovesome”, and “sightly”
Oh, how much my eyes long to see you!!
You sent me a picture yesterday
and you were looking hot!!

I’m thinking of changing my room
I liked that tea shop
there is a small village nearby and it is cheap!!
and I liked sitting there
with people passing by and asking me directions
which ofcourse I didn’t know!!

I hate my genes
and I’ve a tendency to oppose what already is!!
Including what I am
I’ve not taken any habit
from my mother or my father
I made myself out of the books
Actually, I hate habits
and I try to change what I do regularly
even the way I brush my teeth.

I’m back at my hotel and I’ve nothing to do.