What is water without the land?

Water flows down and up a hill
who knows the pain of being still?
Water bursts from the clouds and come down as rain
never shares its journey nor shares its pain.
It flows and flows till it reaches the ocean
and merges forever with its sole companion.

But what about the love of land and water?
An ocean is too deep for the land to be seen.


Word of the day:- Be

be(verb) – A state, a place, a feeling which we call home. It is a two lettes word with whole life contained in it.

The world of be: abide, act, be alive, breathe, continue, do,
endure, go on, have being, have place, hold, inhabit, last,
live, move, obtain, persist, prevail, remain, rest, stand,
stay, subsist, survive

Live and be it.


Photo credit: – http://www.hdwallpapers.im/multi_roots_on_an_old_tree_by_the_lake-wallpaper.html
Synonyms source: – http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/be