I still want to shine like the sun

I stare at the sun
with a tear and a smile
soon it will be hated
for its warmth
for shining love on earth
forever and forever
This is what happens to us
When we love too much and
bare our light.

I remember
how much moon is loved
for shining erratically.

But, I still want to shine like the sun


Photo credit :- holykaw.alltop.com/spanish-woman-claims-to-own-the-sun


Happiness is in abundance

scarcity never makes us happy.

If you don’t have money in abundance

find happiness in service

if you can’t

make friends

If you don’t have much friends

get interested in things

lots of things

If not

assault your senses

If everything fails

use one phrase

“I don’t care”

Believe me,

it will make you happy