It’s an emergency

My heart is beating fast
May be it won’t last!

Quick decisions
I know it is not right
But, I can’t control it
It is not in my hands.

Even the thought
of life
without you
gives me chills

Weather is not cold
I am becoming cold
to myself
to my needs

I don’t need caffeine
I don’t need food
There is surge in energy
like it’s an emergency



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You are not like cocaine.

You said
you are like cocaine and
it is impossible to leave you.

But, you underestimated yourself
You are beyond any addiction
You are life for my soul
The beat inside my heart
The glow in the dark.

I give up.
I don’t have more words for you
Can I borrow some words
to describe you?


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No, I won’t give up

Most often
we underestimate
the importance of our actions.
We let people and things go
as if we can do nothing about it
and claim ourselves to be strong.

But, I wont claim anything
and I won’t let you go.
I am a fighter,
a fire
without a lighter.

I am made of you,
of myself,
and nature.
I’ll fight back
when it is needed.

P.S I am never giving up and I have learnt it from you.

Jason Mraz – I won’t give up [lyrics]:

It was me

All my life I was looking

for someone to

love me

to understand me

treat me the way

I treat others

I never found


there was no one

who was like me

there could be no one

because we all are unique

and one day

from the noise


a question

who I am looking for?

I paused

and pondered

it was me

I was looking for myself

I smiled

I found someone

and it was me

all I wanted was me

I wanted me

to love myself

as I love others

to hold my own hand

like I hold others’



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Hope has a place in the lover’s heart

Keep knocking the door of beloved
you’ll feel humilated
don’t pay attention
Keep knocking
this is your ego
trying to create
a wall
Beloved and God
don’t stop
Keep knocking
maybe the door will never open
keep knocking
Hope has a place in the lover’s heart.

Enya – Hope Has a Place (To all the people who ha…: